Playset Installation* $1149

$850 Regular price $1,150
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After Purchasing a Playset, Trampoline or Basketball Hoop from Recreations Outlet, here's what to expect!*

1) After buying online, a Recreations Outlet staff member will contact you within 3 business days to discuss the following:

  • Where is the item going to be delivered/installed?
  • Is that respective area accessible by truck?
  • Discuss “call before you dig” requirements for in-ground hoops to prevent unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. This process varies by state and we will review the logistics and next steps.
  • Additional questions about the yard, driveway and area will be asked to ensure proper and timely delivery.

2) The consultant will then schedule a yard check or delivery/installation date with one of our authorized technicians.

3) Our technician will contact you on the day of service to confirm time and address.

4) Sit back and relax as we expertly perform the work.

5) After installation and safety checks, enjoy lots of healthy outdoor fun for years to come!

*Install price is subject to change. Mileage, yard conditions and other factors may alter final price.