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PROview® 60 - Wall Mount

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The PROformance Hoops WM60 Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop features a 60- inch glass basketball backboard, a standard static rim, and a 3 foot extension from the wall to the front of the backboard. With a simple turn of the height adjustment handle, the patented external Height Adjustment Mechanism easily adjusts the height of the basketball hoop from 7′ to 10′. With its rugged structural steel construction, the WM60 Wall Mount Basketball Goal is perfect for anyone looking for a wall mounted basketball system with the durability, rigidity and play of an in-ground basketball hoop.

Why Get the PROformance Hoops WM60 Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop?

This 60-inch basketball hoop saves a lot of space when compared with a ground-mount system, and it is perfect for those who don’t want a dedicated portion of their yard used for basketball. This wall-mounted option is also ideal for anyone who has paved areas in their yard or other terrain conditions that could make an in-ground hoop impractical.

The PROformance Hoops WM60 Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop still offers the high degree of performance, great appearance, ruggedness and high quality PROformance systems are known for. Unlike many wall-mounted hoops on the market, it is adjustable, meaning you can set it up for your height or your specific needs.

If you always thought you needed an in-ground system to play or practice basketball seriously, you’ll be thrilled with the PROformance Hoops WM60 Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop. It offers an NBA-style backboard, anti-corrosion components and quality hardware designed to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Getting in the Game With the PROformance Hoops WM60 Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Whether you’re playing indoors or out, this 60-inch backboard offers you more options and gives you the same specs and quality our in-ground systems are known for. Yet, it’s easier to take with you if you move to a different home, and it’s simple to set up — no matter where you live.

This hoop gives you the same consistent play experience PROformance is known for, but in a design requiring less space. Like all PROformance systems, this one is designed with input from players and professionals, ensuring the best experience when you play ball. Our wall-mount hoop offers the same durable and high-level performance that have made PROformance in-ground systems the go-to for serious athletes and students in training. The PROformance Hoops WM60 Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop is reliable, designed for safety and helps you practice your game.

If you assumed you couldn’t have a basketball system because your yard doesn’t allow for an in-ground solution or if you’re looking for an alternative to ground-mount hoops, take a look at the PROformance Hoops WM60 Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop today. While many wall-mount systems on the market are made with lighter materials and can’t withstand the same level of play, this system is designed with the same durability and performance as all PROformance systems, ensuring your hoop keeps performing for years — even with aggressive play.

WALL MOUNT WM60 ADJUSTABLE BASKETBALL HOOP WITH 60 INCH BACKBOARD ID: 31 Backboard Size 60″ x 38″ Tempered Glass Thickness3/8″ HardwareStainless Steel Height Adjustment7′ x 10′


Proformance Hoops Basketball Goals

Backboard Size

60" x 38"

Tempered Glass Thickness


Pole Size

Wall Mounted

Steel Thickness


Height Adjustment

Single Cylinder 


Electroplated Zinc


Stainless Steel


Dual Spring Breakaway with Hide-away net attachment




205 lbs