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PROforce® 672

$2,399 Regular price $2,600

This 72-inch basketball hoop is jam-packed with features for the ultimate in play and practice. From an NBA-style glass steel-framed backboard to the core connected rim and Power Arc 90® Lift Assist, this basketball goal lets you set up your best shots. The 48″ pier mount anchor system, 4’ extension from pole to backboard and exclusive lifetime warranty speak to the high-quality of this basketball system.

When you want the best for staying fit and working on drills, you want the PROView®series basketball hoop series. Whether you’re practicing for a team, just having fun or are training, this basket stands up to rigorous play and lets you focus on your game.

The PROview® 672 is ideal for anyone who plays as hard as the pros do. The standards are set high to ensure playability and durability. The 7-gauge steel pole, core connected dual spring reflex and coating ensure this in-ground system stays looking great and performing spectacularly, year after year, even with tough play. No matter how hard you train and drill, this in-ground system will stay securely in place, so you can keep working on your game. Quality materials and sleek design make it a pleasure to play basketball with this in-ground system.


PROformance Hoops Basketball Goals

Backboard Size

72" x 42"

Tempered Glass Thickness


Pole Size

6" x 6"

Steel Thickness

11 Gauge

Height Range

7.5ft. to 10ft

Height Adjustment

Single Cylinder with Gear Box


Electroplated Zinc


Stainless Steel


Dual Spring Breakaway with Hide-away net attachment


(at 10ft) – 3ft.


406 lbs