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Pirate's Boat Swing



Ahoy, matey! Let your kids set sail for the high seas in our top-selling Pirate's Boat Swing. Designed with younger children in mind, this swing is made with a soft, mesh material and soft rope instead of chains to be gentle on small hands. At the same time, it's sturdy enough to get multiple children aboard. 

This swing is an inclusive addition to any playground. With its basket shape, this swing is a great option for those kids who may have trouble sitting up in traditional swing. This allows kids of different ages and abilities to enjoy the fun and movement of a swing without having to hold themselves up. 

A sturdy metal bar is bright orange edge at the end of each side ensures kids can hold on while they swing. Since the swing is in the shape of a basket, kids can swing higher without parents worrying about tumbles. 

This playground boat swing can be a pirate boat, canoe, ship, magic carpet or anything else your kids can dream up! With this swing, the sky is the limit:

  • They can pretend they are in a boat together.
  • They can practice social skills by “rowing” or “steering” the ship together.
  • They can place objects in the swing, such as favorite stuffed toys, and swing the toys. Since the swing is a basket, nothing will fall out.
  • They can rock their favorite toys to sleep.
  • They can use the “boat” to play house and pretend the swing is a crib.