Globber PRIMO Foldable Lights Scooter

Color - Sky Blue

Product Details

PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS delivers the best-valued 3-wheel scooters with LED lights for kids aged 3-7+, from price point to features, for awesome scooting days out—light-up wheels included!

A feature-packed 3-wheel scooter with LED lights inclusive of LED light-up scooter wheels, Globber’s patented steering and folding systems, and a 3-height adjustable T-bar, PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS can help kids safely build balance and coordination skills while scooting up all the glowtastic fun!


3-Height Adjustable T-bar

Adjust your foldable scooter to the most comfortable height for you! PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS comes with a 3-height adjustable aluminium T-bar (67.5cm, 72.5cm, or 77.5cm) for a comfy ride as your child grows.


Glow as Bright as You Go with LED Light-Up Wheels

Enjoy light-up scooting days with PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS! This 3-wheel scooter with LED lights for kids has LED light-up front wheels that flash in blue, green, and red for a colourful ride all day long. No batteries are needed too, as the light-up wheels use dynamo lighting—it runs purely on the kinetic energy produced by your scooting power which means it’s totally battery-free!