Full Bucket Swing - 8'

Color - Yellow w/ Yellow Chains

Available in Green, Yellow or Blue

Infants and toddlers love to swing, too! Instead of letting them get frustrated while older siblings get to swing and have fun, you can add this toddler bucket swing to your Playground One!® playset or you can add a standalone bucket swing to your yard without a playset. The choice is yours.

The toddler bucket swing set is great for childhood development. It gets infants and toddlers outside and playing safely, where they can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the fun of playing just like the “bigger” kids. Mom, dad or a caregiver can stand close by while the little ones swing, although this bucket seat is designed to be safe and to ensure kids can't climb in or out easily.

The soft rubber seat is comfortable even for long swings and is designed in bright colors designed to appeal to toddlers’ visual senses. The rubber is weather-resistant and resists rot, deterioration, pests and other problems, ensuring it stays looking great for years even in harsh weather. The connectors are sturdy and are also designed to resist corrosion for years of hassle-free fun.

Where Fun and Safety Meet

Like all Playground One!® products, this toddler swing is designed for maximum safety. Recessed and rounded bolts and connectors mean kids’ hands can't get scratched or caught on protruding hardware. Oversized connectors between the bucket seats and the chain mean kids can't get pinched. A high front and back to the bucket seats ensure kids have extra support when they sit upright — even if they're just mastering motor skills, they can still swing.

This toddler seat is great if you want an inclusive playground. Toddlers of different abilities and ages can swing safely and securely on the seat, meaning everybody gets a chance to enjoy the fun of movement. Contact a representative or designer today to install your Playground One!® toddler bucket swing or complete playground.