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3Chain Tire Swing


Every child dreams of owning a tire swing where they can circle around and around and around. Something about the design of a tire swing makes it one of the most sought-after pieces of equipment on any playground. There's always a line for the tire swing, maybe because kids love seeing an everyday object used in such a different way. When you add a tire swing to your backyard playground, you'll instantly notice that your kids have a new favorite toy.

Tire swings are strong and tough and take a different trajectory than regular swings. While normal swings move back and forth, tire swings laze in a circle. They can go fast or slow. Helping hands can push tire swings this way or that to give them more direction, and kids can also just sit in the swing until it finds its own way, eventually winding to a stop. Then, it's time to start up again. Tire swings never get a rest — they're just too much fun!

This classic favorite holds up to three kids. Designed for use beneath the playcenter style swing set. Swivel mounting bracket included. In black only. The 3-point Tire Swing Comes Complete with Three lengths of chain to mount to a 5-foot deck height. We now provide a smooth top surface on our tire swings.

Why Buy a Tire Swing for Your Playset?

Finding the right piece of equipment for your playset is not easy. You have so many choices, and all of them bring something fantastic to the swing set. Here are five reasons tire swings make a terrific selection. They are:

  1. Durable: We sell high-quality products made from the best components, and our tire swings demonstrate the sturdiness we demand from everything in our stores.
  2. Safe: Our equipment has been tested for safety, and we don't have any sharp edges or otherwise dangerous material on the 3-chain tire swing.
  3. Easy to install: All the equipment we sell offers easy installation, and we can assist you with the process if needed.
  4. Convenient to transport: The tire swing packaging isn't big or bulky — it fits easily into a car.
  5. Fun: The most important element of any piece of playground equipment is fun, and judging by the shrieks and giggles that come from everyone who plays with the tire swing, it's a whole lot of fun.