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Abilene Surplus


For kids who wish to play outdoors while remaining safe from the sun’s blistering rays, Abilene is a worthy choice. Packed with thrilling amenities designed to stimulate young bodies and minds, Abilene is sure to be a hit, particularly during the summer when avoiding sunburns and staying out of the heat are concerns for kids and adult caretakers alike. Abilene’s hexagonal shade spans the perimeter of the deck, allowing children to climb up the Vertical Ladder, the Zipper Climber, or the Pixel Climber so they can hang out with their friends and sit for a while beneath the shade. Once finished, they can zip back down to the ground using any of the three slides present aboard Abilene. For children on the ground, various interactive play elements are present, including the Ship’s Wheel, a set of Bongos, a Half Spelling Panel, and a Half Math Panel, all of which are sure to stimulate kids’ creative brains.

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Installation not included. 

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