Spring Trainer

An authentic baseball is held in place by bungee cords that can be adjusted up and down and in and out to simulate multiple pitch locations. Adjust to a middle, inside or outside pitch using the durable home plate. Simply change plate angles to practice hitting to different parts of the field. The Spring Trainer's unique design eliminates the need for a parent or coach to pitch or retrieve balls, and allows for increased repetitions from never having to replace a ball on a tee. This all results in more reps in less time, enhanced muscle memory and instant feedback for both the player and coach and/or parent.

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  • High Repetition – Build muscle memory Faster
  • Quick reset within 4 seconds after every hit
  • 100-150 swings in 10 minutes
  • More reps in less time means more training per session
  • Instant feedback on swing.
  • Multiple Pitch Locations – Practice hitting any conceivable pitch
  • Adjust height of the ball
  • Adjust to middle, inside or outside pitch – 10 different plate locations
  • Change plate angle to practice hitting to different areas of the field
  • Solo Trainer – Train year round, indoors and outdoors
  • Train solo
  • Acts as a personal swing coast – helps correct swing based upon instant feedback
  • Coach or parent can watch swing from different angles.
  • No pitching or retrieving balls
  • Portable – perfect for traveling teams


  • Easily adjustable
  • Converts to a rugged pitchback in seconds
  • Practice throwing and fielding
  • Easily adjusts to simulate ground balls, line drives and fly balls.


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