Customer Care

Recreations Outlet has 20 years experience installing and servicing play systems. The purchase of a wooden swing set is a valuable investment, for this reason we offer a variety of customer care programs to ensure the life and maintain the beauty of your system.


Recreations Outlet, Inc. offers full service maintenance programs.

Basic Package: $89.00

Supreme Package: $500

If you are interested in our service packages, please contact us.


Contact your local showroom for information on moving or staining your Swing Set.

Cincinnati Service Department: 513.561.6444
Columbus Service Department: 614.792.3700


At the beginning of each season:

To maintain the beauty of your swing set we recommend you seal your play system after the first year, then as needed. You may also want to spot sand areas before sealing. We also recommend using a high-quality product to treat your redwood play system. Be sure the sealant you select is oil based non-toxic, and child safe. You may purchase stain by the gallon at our stores.

We recommend you replace the ropes every 2 years or as needed. These are normal wearing items which will fade over time. Checking is the result of the natural release of water from the wood.

Checking may appear as small hairline openings running along a timber. These openings may contract or expand with changes in climate. Affected pieces are not considered replaceable under the warranty unless it impairs the structural integrity of the product.